Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Technology changing the face of Education in India

Education is being a big concern in India. No matter how better the country is doing in economy and finance, but education is always being a drawback of India. Being the second highest populated country in the world, India is still somewhere lacking when we talk about the education. The present condition of education in India is not anyhow better than the past. We may be growing in the number, but we are lacking in the quality.

education and technology

Though the condition is not completely out of hands yet, and there is still hope for the recovery if we take the right steps. Use of technology in the education is one of those methods that can help us recovering the quality of education in India. Technology has taken a big part in our daily life in present time. From early morning to late night, we use thousands of technology gadgets and services. Education is also not remained untouched of this. The face of education is somehow shifted partly from books to ebooks. Technology can be used in almost every part of the education system. From books and study material to the method of teaching, everything is going virtual with the help of latest technology means. Technology will not only change the face of the education, but can also change the way the education is provided making it faster and easier to grab.

Though many of Indian schools and colleges have already started using technology means to better up their education system, still a big part of our country is unaware of this change. We need to make sure that the technology is available to every corner of the country making it a part of the whole education system.