Thursday, 12 December 2013

Govt Jobs or Private Jobs – Which way to go?

India had received its freedom in 1947, and since then we are struggling to improve our literacy and employment rate. Though these factors are not yet very well in our country, but we have made growth over the time. Both private and government sectors have played their role in employment in India. Both sectors recruit many young graduates to give them a chance to work in their organizations. Then, how can we differentiate between govt jobs and private jobs? How to figure out which one is better? Let’s try to find the answer in this post.
govt vs private jobs

Benefits of Government jobs:

• God salary and perks: With a govt job, you receive decent salary and also extra benefits. You usually receive your salary every month on time, which is not right about private jobs
• Lifetime Pension: Pension is also an advantage of having a govt job. Even after retirement, you will receive some pension for rest of your life.
• Good free time: Government job timing is limited unlike private offices’ 8-10 hours of work. You will get a lot of time for your family and other things and tasks.
• You do not need many skills: In order to survive in a govt job, you need not to possess many skills. You can manage with whatever qualification you have.
• Other perks: Unlike a private job, in government sector, you get many benefits along with your salary. You get housing facility, healthcare, insurance and other allowances including TA and DA.
• Vacation: Your government job gives you many government holidays along with enough numbers of paid leaves and workload is also less.
• Job security and social security: With govt job, you will get job security and also, good reputation in the society.

Benefits of Private Jobs:

• Promotions: in private jobs, you will get frequent promotions based on your work performance, which is not judged in a government job.
• Salary: Salary package in private jobs is higher than govt sector. Promotion and increment depend on your performance.
• Recruitment process: Hiring process in private jobs is faster as compare to government jobs recruitment process.
• Suitable Working environment: working environment in private offices is better than a govt office. It motivates the employees and improves job satisfaction.
• Skills over experience: In private sector jobs, skills and knowledge are preferred over experience. If you have good knowledge, you can easily overtake a person having more experience, but fewer skills.

As a conclusion we can say that both government and private sectors have their own advantages and shortcomings. One should choose a career where he can adjust better.


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Why choose Railway as a career in India

Indian railways is the 4th largest rail network in the world. We have thousands of trains connecting almost all the cities in India. Being such a big organization, Indian railways recruit thousands of candidates throughout the year to be a part of North, East, West and South railways. Indian railway is a government organization and provides many benefits to its employees.

indian railway

Railway jobs provide good salary package along with many other benefits. Indian railway employees get a lifetime free travel facility in all trains in India for complete family. Apart from free travel, railway employees and their dependents get medical care and attention in railways’ hospital. Other benefits include promotion of culture, women empowerment, sports, scouting and other recreation activities. Indian railway also runs many schools where railway employees’ children can study. They also conduct many scholarships for higher education.

Being a government organization, Indian railways get a big budget for employee welfare and growth. If you want to be a part of such a big organization, you can apply for the latest jobs and vacancies in Indian railways. You can find all the details of the latest Indian railway jobs and recruitment on the official website or through any job portal.